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Our success is measured by your business outcomes.

Throughout the years, technology and business challenges have changed, but the core foundation of our business has remained the same: listen to our clients, understand their business needs, and know how to serve them.

We are Cloud + Data Center Transformation, a division of Insight. As a complete IT services and solution provider, we help organizations transform technology, operations, and service delivery to meet business challenges.

Simply put, we help you increase the impact of what IT does for your business.


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Designing the right solution requires technical knowledge, experience, and a full understanding of the desired outcome.  5S has expert consultants and engineers on-staff to deliver these very important elements.  5S also employs a knowledge-sharing that allows all our engineers to benefit from each other’s past and present project experiences, ensuring refinement and increased service satisfaction to our customers.


It’s time to deploy that new architecture or that new process, but you still need to keep things moving.  You need to ensure you are able to maintain or improve the impacted service, ensuring no disruption.  The business is not going to stop for you to make that change, so how do you get to the other side?


5S can help simplify the transition by working with IT and the organization to ensure minimal service disruption or impact, and that the new service meets the desired outcome.  By working with both IT and organization entities, we can bring satisfaction to a higher level using proven methods.


Operating an IT environment isn’t easy. We are all working to maintain and stabilize the environment while also being focused on responsiveness and time-to-market. We are concerned with the quality but must also manage the cost. We provide re-active support but want to be more pro-active and enhance the perspective of our customers.


Data Center Modernization

While our engineers have many years of experience with different hardware vendors allowing us to work with any current IT configuration, we exclusively offer Cisco UCS for our compute platform.  Cisco is the leader in blade server technology and has numerous advantages over their competitors.  With ease of management and focus on density, Cisco is the partner we trust for all jobs big and small.


No matter which hypervisor your business has chosen, 5S can help you support and enhance your virtualized infrastructure.  With experience in all the major vendors, we can assist with the planning, implementation, and operations of your virtualized environment.


Storage is an area of growth for most IT organizations that we talk to.  Managing an ever-increasing storage footprint, and determining performance versus scalability in a changing physical architecture (spinning disk or solid-state) are just a couple of the key challenges.  The concentration on ease of management brings to focus our strategic partnership with vendors like Tintri and Tegile.  These solutions provide enhanced performance and functionality that sets them apart from the common competitors, focused on virtualization, analytics, and more focused approaches to customer needs.

Data Protection

Managing the day-to-day environment can be hard enough, add to that managing a backup environment and it becomes twice the work!  5S looks to minimize the overhead of typical data protection solutions by working with technology from Veeam and Barracuda.  Although similar in their simplistic administration, they are distinctive solutions that fit unique needs.

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