5S Technologies is a technology services and sales organization focused on “Simplified Architecture and Data Intelligence”.  As organizations continue to virtualize their environments and deploy new applications, certain complex challenges arise that make Infrastructure management, performance, and capacity planning a significant pain point within IT that effects the organization as a whole.

We concentrate on delivering products and services that are easy to use understand, reduce IT costs and time-to-market and drive business value for our clients. With end-to-end views of applications, and more comprehensive analytics, finger-pointing and excessive time for planning is a non-issue. Specifically, our represented products and their unique capabilities provide insight to all components with a proprietary technology that NO ONE else in the industry can provide.

Lastly, matching our Simplified Architecture and Data Intelligent set of products is our unparalleled customer support and services team. We take pride in our proprietary delivery practices that assure expert execution and quality delivery.

We have solved numerous, substantial business and technical difficulties for many Fortune 1000 companies and others in the area. We would appreciate the opportunity do the same for you. Contact the 5S sales team to learn about any of these products at or 919-364-9400.

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